Vertaling door onze Nepalese Vertegenwoordiger

'After the toilets were ready, the students got excited'

The Annapurna Reporter;

Nuwakot valley.

Nowaday students of Amar Primary are very happy and parents are more happy because of the new built toilet. Before the new toilet there was no toilet, the students did their sanatory outside at the school area, so that the environment was being polluted.

The students are exciting after a toilet made from The Netherlands's  donor Mrs. Katinka Timmer, Mr. Bart Schwartz & Mr. Patrick Aulberts. The school organized opening ceremony of  a three roomed cemented toilet block and the founder of Stichting Argo from The Netherlands, Mr. Michel Derksen & Bart Schwartz Inaugurated then handover a key to Headmaster Mr. Yamnath Lohani then students are clapping hand with happiness.

The donor's fund was mobilized through ANSO an amounts of Rs. One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand. (€ 1250). According to ANSO Chairperson Lokman Shrestha this toilet is constructed to keeping a clean environment, to progress a education and to make habit using a toilet. Still many  school have no toilet facilities. Special Girls are facing trouble due to lack of toilet.


Lokman Shrestha

Chairman ANSO